Chaise de Bistrot Industrielle Cuir


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Data sheet

Product weight:8.7 Kg
Matériaux principal .:Bois & Métal
Color .:Gun's Barrel
Number of seat .:1
Essence of wood .:Mango
Leather Type .:Boat Leather
Thickness of leather .:Aproximatively 1mm
Leather finish .:Les défauts d'origine ont été supprimés au tannage par un très léger ponçage de la surface afin d'éliminer les défauts extérieur du cuir.
Leather maintenance .:Leather is a living material that requires a little maintenance. - Apply a nourishing cream for the leather that keeps it supple and guarantee a better longevity
Important .:the wood is an material and living with natural irregularities, it can have traces of previous lives, which will give it all its charm and its authenticity. It expands and contracts under the influence of the humidity of the air.
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